What Are the Absolute Best Bingo Recipes?

Hello BingoLinerBonus readers – today we got a juicy post for you – no it doesn’t have to do anything with the regular featured bonuses but about it does have to do with Bingo and Snacks.

I’d like to introduce you to Apple from GamesSaga.com – we’re a fan of her new site and invited her to share some of her favorite snack ideas while you play the game you love the most.

If there is one thing we enjoy more than settling down for a game of bingo it is settling down for a game of bingo with something tasty to eat or drink.


These come in many shapes and forms, and we have gathered together some of our top ideas for snacks and drinks that could help your bingo time go with even more of a bang. So when you next have some spare time to play your favorite game, why not try out a few of the following ideas to keep you topped up while you play?

Smoothies for Energy

Smoothies are fantastic for giving you an energy boost and a healthy way to fill up while playing bingo. If you like the idea of a fruit or vegetable drink that is bursting with vitamins but aren’t sure about the taste then sipping while playing is a fantastic idea. You will probably get so caught up in the fast moving bingo action on screen that you finish the whole drink without even realizing. Carrots and oranges are a good base for any smoothie that you want to be tasty as well as healthy. After this, you can add in pretty much anything but we would recommend apples, yogurt and avocado. For an extra touch of style and for even more energy you could sprinkle seeds such as chia seeds on top of it.

Broccoli Snacks for Concentration

If you have a busy life then finding the time and concentration to enjoy playing bingo might sometimes be a struggle. There are many different types of food and drink that help us maintain high levels of concentration. For example, those fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of antioxidants and vitamins can do the job. If you want a bingo snack that it more interesting than just a raw piece of fruit then what about some roasted broccoli chips instead? This is an incredibly simple bingo recipe to create: start off by washing some broccoli and cutting it into small pieces. Put the pieces on a baking tray, drizzle some olive oil on them and sprinkle on some salt and pepper. Put in the oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit and wait for about 20 minutes. Once they get crispy they are ready to eat. Add some garlic to the mix if you want a bit of extra flavor.

Homemade Ice Cream for Healthy Indulgence

There are few pleasures in life as infinitely satisfying as sitting down for a session on your favorite bingo site with a big bowl of cool, delicious ice cream beside you. Of course, the simplest option is to head to the supermarket and buy a pot of the most tempting flavor you can find. Sadly, this approach is likely to lead to worries of piling on the calories for most of us to do regularly. The good news is that a quick look online for healthy homemade ice cream will bring up some good results. There are some fabulous ice cream recipes for you to try and some of them are easier to prepare than others. We particularly like ones with unexpected flavor combinations, so the peach and basil sorbet recipe really took our eye. Frozen yogurt is something else we love and there are recipes well worth giving a try too, such as the fabulous berry and coconut combination. How about making some frozen yoghurt buttons that you can pop into your mouth easily whilst playing? Playing games online will never be the same again once you start enjoying some homemade treats like this.

Snacks for Good Luck

What snacks are most likely to bring you good luck? You might not think that what you put in your mouth affects the numbers that pop up on screen but it has got to be worth a try. There are some foods that are seen as bringing good luck to the person eating them and these are traditionally eaten at New Year. However, there is nothing to stop you trying some of them at any time of year. For example, green leaves are seen as representing money in some cultures, so eating lots of them could bring you more luck. Even if they don’t help you win a massive jackpot, they will give you a lot of great health benefits while you play. Equally, in quite a few cultures eating pork is seen as symbolizing progress, probably because of the way pigs constantly move forwards. Homemade pork rinds (known to some people as chicarrones) are healthier than you might think, mainly because you need to cut off most of the fat and just fry the skin. Fish are also viewed as lucky by some people, supposedly because their scales look like coins and because the big numbers in some schools give the impression of abundance. A good way to enjoy some fish while looking for a bingo win is with a fish sandwich. There are many different ways of doing this, using a variety of different types of fish.

Healthy Cookies for Celebrating

Cookies are ideal for celebrating big or small wins. If you have a plate of these beside you when you play, then it can be fun to try and resist them until you manage some sort of bingo win. Of course, there is always the chance that you go on an incredible winning streak and end up eating a lot of these delicious cookies. This means that it makes sense to look for a range of recipes for healthy cookies. Using the likes of whole grains and fruits helps to keep these cookies tasty and low in calories at the same time. For bingo players in a hurry, one of the simplest cookie recipes we have found includes just mashed bananas, oatmeal and walnuts. Chewy oatmeal choc chip cookies are classics and can also be healthier than you might think. If you want to make them even healthier then why not add raisins instead of the chocolate chips? Every single win you achieve will be even more satisfying and enjoyable when it involves sinking your teeth into a tasty cookie afterwards.

What’s your favourite Snack while playing bingo?

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