New Bingo Site, Mummies Bingo is Top of the Shop!

If you’re in need of somewhere fabulous to play online bingo then look no further than Mummies Bingo – it’s certainly the best site around! As you can tell from the name, it’s especially great for all you yummy mummies out there who might not have a lot of free time in the world but certainly want to make the most of your bingo fix.

If you find that a lot of your budget goes on nappies, clothes, school shoes and so on, then you don’t need to worry about sacrificing your favourite hobby as Mummies Bingo offers new players £15 absolutely free just for signing up! This amazing no deposit bonus is just one of the things that make this bingo brand great.


For example, once you’ve used your fab freebie to get a feel for the site, you’ll see loads of great bingo and slot games to play. Some even have huge potential regular or progressive jackpots up for grabs! In addition to this, there are plenty more bonuses and promotions to take advantage of, meaning you’ll always get great value for money with this site! For instance, there’s a fantastic welcome package rewarding players with mass amounts of bingo funds on their first three deposits to the site. There’s 900% bonus in total spread across these three separate transactions so you’ll have loads of extra bingo funds to play with and potentially strike gold!

There’s always something to look forward to at Mummies Bingo too, whether it’s a new slot game launching, huge jackpot game, or one of the different promotions taking place every single day of the week. From free bingo cards one day to extra BBs the next, you’re sure to find something to play for on any given day. Plus with daily Happy Hours and a regular cashback feature, you’ll always be able to play great value bingo.

All this and the fun doesn’t even need to stop when you leave your house. This site is fully mobile, supported on most iOS and Android smartphones and tablets! Enjoy all the great gaming and promotion whenever and wherever you are – with Mummies Bingo there’s no need to miss a bingo trick again!

Best Bingo Types For Gamblers Ready to Make Money

If you’re thinking about getting more gambling action for your money, you would be absolutely crazy to overlook online bingo. This isn’t your grandma’s game, or even your neighbor’s game. They might want to take their time at the bingo hall right down the road, but you want to avoid that. There’s only so many times you can play at the bingo hall, and you will not be able to get the type of fast action you want. What about when you’re ready to play multiple cards in a row? You might be able to play four cards if you’re lucky. Online, there are bingo halls where you can play 12 or even 40+ cards per game. If you have enough money to buy that many cards, you can play them. You also have the ability to auto-daub the cards that you’re most interested in. Some people can keep up with all of the action that occurs, while others will struggle to keep up. Auto daub rooms take the struggle out of the equation, leaving behind the chance of pure profit.

play online bingo

Crunching the numbers per bingo room isn’t the best way to spend your time. You’re better off playing the bingo games that you want, while skipping over all of the other games. Of course, you’re not limited to bingo. We just think that bingo is a great way for you to make money without having to know any type of advanced strategy. You just show up, pick a great online bingo room like and play till you’re ready to stop. Nobody is there to rush you in bingo, or be mean to you. On the contrary, online bingo players enjoy one of the best communities in the online gambling world. Everyone is there to have a good time, which means that there’s less fighting and drama.

We hate drama, and we bet you do as well.

If you want speed, then you have to play 30 ball bingo. This is a bingo game where the numbers are called very quickly. If you’re not going to be in an auto daub room for this one, pay very close attention. You could hit several bingos and not realize it until the game is over. Some games will give you plenty of time to catch up on your bingos, while other games will not. You must know which ones will let you catch up, and which ones will close out the bingo rounds fast. Speed bingo should be played with fewer cards than when you have a lot more time between the numbers. Now, some people feel ready to escalate the number of cards they play at one time. This is perfectly normal, but you don’t have to follow suit. Real money bingo means that you’re paying money for those cards, after all, and therefore shouldn’t squander them. Continue reading “Best Bingo Types For Gamblers Ready to Make Money”

Surprise! You Can Use your PayPal Account For Plenty of Red Money Bingo

Are you looking at trying to get into more casino action, but you’re just not sure how you’re going to fund your account? Instead of freaking out about payment options, why not you go with some casino fun that lines up with the account details that you already have? If you’re in the UK and you’ve already been using PayPal, you might not realize that you can use PayPal at your favorite gaming hall online. This is the case more and more in the bingo world, where many bingo halls are realizing that it attracts a lot of players that they wouldn’t have normally. It’s very easy to transfer money from your PayPal account to the bingo hall. The other nice thing is that if you’re worried about security, you’re covered both ways. The bingo palace itself is protected, but you will also not have to risk your financial details with PayPal either.

It’s a great way to really make sure that you’re going to be able to have a great time without compromising your financial security.

Don’t worry — you’re still going got qualify for all of the same welcome packages that you’re used to. The key to making this work is to get the best source of information possible. After all, you don’t want to try to go to all of the different bingo sites on your own, hoping that they accept PayPal…right? That would take a long time, given how many are out there.

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You can cut a lot of time away by just going on There’s a full list of places to play bingo. Keep in mind that this isn’t just about playing bingo for free — it’s about winning real money from one of the best games around to play! You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure out bingo, which truly means that it’s a game for everyone. It’s a wonderful way to push stress away, if only for a few hours.

You already have enough stress in your life. Why should funding your bingo account online be a tough decision? Check out that list that we linked you to, and then you can look at playing some bingo on your own terms. With that type of benefit, why wouldn’t you check it out? Good luck!