How playing Bingo keeps Your Brain sharp and alert

Bingo! A word you love to shout out when you’ve won. Bingo has always been a very popular game to play through the ages and all around the world. Apart from the social side of the game since you usually play it with friends, it’s the fast paced action and those large jackpots that attracts people to play it. Thanks to the rise in online casino sites and games, everyone can enjoy playing this very popular game online, at home, or even on the go today!
Bingo Cards and Chips
These days, we live in a time where our health is very important, both our physical and mental health! But as it turns out, bingo is actually good for you to play! For a long time, there have been those that say that people who play bingo a lot could affected negatively by it since they spend a lot of time just sitting down playing bingo.

And if they would have spent that time in a more active way such as exercising or doing something that’s more strenuous for them, they could have gone on to improve their physical health and well being. As opposed to the opposite. However, that said, there has been a recent study done on bingo players that has deemed the game can actually be beneficial for the mind since it increases activity, mental acuity and sharpness of mind.
This doesn’t just apply for old people either. But rather a wide range of people that had been compared to others of the same age group among them. Of all the people they studied, half of them were allowed to play bingo while the others weren’t. And those that did carry on playing bingo were said to have improved mental activity and function. While those that didn’t play it didn’t have any improved mental functions at all compared to when they first begun the study.
One interesting thing worth mentioning here is that older folk to usually outperform those younger folk in studies like these. But those that play bingo had improved and sharpened their decision making skills. Where as those that didn’t, were not better off then when the studies first begun. That’s mainly down the way bingo works and the player has to make on the spot decisions while closely monitoring several cards at the same time.
But while studies like these and the results they show are truly impressive, it doesn’t suggest that when you sit down and eat for long periods of time every day that is going to be good for your health! Actually, spending long hours sitting down and putting yourself in a high tension environment isn’t exactly the right thing to do if you’re looking to improve your mental and physical health anyway.
There is nothing better at getting fit and healthy than working out regularly and sticking to a routine of daily exercise on top of eating healthily. So you can thoroughly enjoy all of the benefits of playing bingo, both online or at your local bingo hall, it’s important to counteract the time you’ve spent playing it with some cardiovascular workouts that last for 20 minutes or more.
That and avoiding eating too many snacks while playing! After all, it’s very easy to get through a few thousand calories in snacks and munchies throughout the day as you’re sitting down, relaxing and playing bingo. But if you really do have to snack, it’s best to eat low calorie foods such as fruits and nuts. These are so much better for you in the long run instead of eating things like chips and crisps, chocolate and sugary soft drinks.
While our doctors are probably not going to prescribe playing bingo as a cure for all of our mental and or physical ailments, it’s clear to see that playing bingo can be beneficial to you mentally and physically too. But only when played responsibly and as part of a regular exercise and healthy eating regime!