XBingo.com: Out of This World Gaming

Bingo is a game that’s often associated with elder care homes and church halls, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a viable game that you can make a profit from if you find that it’s a game to your liking. And if you’re looking for a website that offers you everything you need in order to get ahead and beat the odds, then Xbingo.com is where you should start your search for the ideal bingo game.

The first thing that makes Xbingo.com stand out, aside from its outer space theme, is the sheer amount of offers that it puts on the table to persuade you to join up and play. 5 free pounds when you join, along with up to 300% of your initial deposit, with an additional 50% on re-deposits the longer you play and remain a member. These aren’t promotions, these are tools to help you beat the house. As with any other numbers game it’s all about how many resources you can gather and just how many times you can successfully play the odds. Additionally Xbingo.com keeps other matching and bonus offers in play, such as giving members a single free spin on their wheel every day, giving you as the player just one more opportunity to win at little to no risk.Aside from the introductory bonuses and offers though, Xbingo.com still has plenty more to explore. For instance there are classic table games available for those days when you want to try something other than bingo, and the bingo games come with a variety of ball counts which can increase the length of the game as well as the amount of money that you stand to win from getting the bingo. Which game you choose it up to you of course, but the site provides a variety so that you can pick something that fits your time and budget that day.

But perhaps the best thing about Xbingo.com is also the most obvious; it’s an Internet bingo game. That means that no matter where you are physically or what time of day it is there’s a game that you can play, no questions asked. Whether you’re on your laptop late at night or you’re sitting on the commuter train on your ride to work with your smart phone, you have the time and ability to get in a game of bingo. And that amount of convenience is nothing to sneeze at if you’re a dedicated player.

32Red Bingo – A Top Site

Anyone looking for an excellent online venue for playing bingo should definitely check out 32Red Bingo. Yes, there are quite a number of bingo sites online but for playing experience, user-friendliness, bonuses, and other special attributes, you would have a hard time finding a site better than this one. It truly does stand out quite a bit from a very crowded field of major online bingo sites.

The Site

No one likes to navigate a site that utterly lacks user-friendliness or, for that matter, has a really bland look to it. With 32Red Bingo, you will find the site is quite easy to work with as all the many different gaming categories on the site are very easy to notice. In fact, the flashing bright colours of the site make sure you do not miss anything. The bright look to the site definitely adds to look and feel of the games. For many, a game site which embodies a special look adds to the overall experience making it more enjoyable and fun.

Looks, of course, are not everything and most players would be most interested in the promotions and special offers available.


The promotional offers provided by the 32Red Bingo truly are generous. If you are looking for a great deal from a bingo site, the promotions offered from 32Red would be very difficult to top. For a signup bonus, you immediately receive £10. The deposit bonuses are also quite generous as you will receive 100% matching funds up to £100. Being offered to play with such a sizable amount of house money certainly opens the door for winning a nice sum without a sizable risk. Consider that another huge positive to signing on with this site. A 25% loyalty deposit bonus and a refer a friend bonus also contribute to getting the most out of your experience on the site.


In addition to the many excellent bingo games you can play, 32Red Bingo also offers slots, video poker, and table games. The great variety of different games certainly opens many doors to amassing huge winnings. Why sign onto a site with limited game play options when this one offers such a wide and expansive variety?

32Red Bingo truly is one of the most excellent online gaming venues you will find. If you are an avid bingo gamer and want access to generous bonuses and promotions, you definitely will want to take advantage of what this site has to offer.

Bingo facts

Bingo is one of the most popular gambling games to play for people of all ages, not just the old, around the world. It is played by millions of people traditionally, in bingo halls, and online, every single day. But here are some facts you may or may not have known about bingo.

According to studies, bingo is good for your brain! And apparently it doesn’t only keep the mind sharp; research shows that playing bingo as a social activity can be just as good for the body as doing physical exercise.

You are apparently most likely to become a millionaire playing bingo than any other game, with odds of winning that million estimated by Cambridge University at 200,000-1.

Bingo was originally called ‘beano’. This is thought to be due to the fact that players would use dried beans, a rubber stamp and cardboard sheets to participate in the game.

Bingo facts

An estimated 8% of people in the UK regularly play bingo, some at big name bingo sites, others in traditional bingo halls. 10% of all women play and 5% of all men. The average age of bingo players is 47.

Your odds of winning at bingo are pretty good. 96% of people who play bingo have won the game at some point. Unlike other casino games such as blackjack, someone has to win at bingo every time.

Studies show that people do not necessarily play bingo to win. In fact, the number one reason why people play bingo is because they enjoy it, whereas winning comes in at number five.

Bingo is a huge industry in America too now – over $90 million is spend on bingo cards alone in a week in the States.