A Short History of Bingo

Bingo is an very popular game nowadays, both normal versions and online bingo. But you would be surprised at how far bingo has come since its invention. Here is a short version of bingo history.

The first version of bingo was from Italy, and was created in the 15th century. It was a much more basic match the numbers style lottery game that barely resembles the bingo we know today. As time passed, bingo became popular in France and playing cards and tokens were used. By the 18th century, people were calling out numbers and bingo was much more similar to what we know now. In 1778 a series of rows and columns were added to the game, each with a random number, and this is the first version of modern bingo as we know it. When the game came to the United States, it became popular in churches as a way to raise money, and this helped it become extremely popular.

A popular folk tale of how bingo got it’s name is that bingo originally used beans as markers and so players called “beano!” when they won. Then when toy maker Edwin Lowe was at a carnival he heard someone accidentally call “bingo!” instead and ran with it. However, the word was actually popular in the UK many years before, and most likely arrived before the “carnival accident”. Today there are hundreds of variations of bingo, from horse racing bingo, buzzword bingo, online bingo, and more.

Hopefully this short bit of bingo history has given you a bit more knowledge on the game. Bingo has been around for a long time, and with all these new variations, it is sure to last even longer.