75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is the traditional North American version of the game, dating back to 1929 when a carnival set up outside of Atlanta, Georgia. A toy manufacturer by the name of Edwin Lowe witnessed the game, then called “Beano” for its use of dried beans to cover the numbered squares, being played in one of the tents. Lowe went back to New York and marketed the game as “Lowe’s Bingo”, later shortened simply to “Bingo” by competitors.

75 Ball Bingo is played with a Bingo Card that consists of 25 squares in a 5×5 pattern. Each square contains a number, except for the center square which is traditionally marked with the word “FREE”, meaning it is automatically counted as a Free Space by all players. Each column is labeled with a letter, corresponding to the name of the games; B – I – N – G – O.

In each column are 5 random numbers (except N, with 4 numbers and a “FREE”), ranging from 1-15 in the “B” column, 16-30 in the “I” column, 31-45 in the “N” column, 46-60 in the “G” column, and of course 61-75 in the “O” column.

75 Ball Bingo

As the game begins, numbers are randomly selected one at a time, from 1 through 75, and called out. The actual process of calling the Bingo numbers varies by where you are playing. In a church/charity setting, the pastor/reverend/priest/etc. or another staff member will call the numbers. In a land-based Bingo Hall, there will usually be a Professional Bingo Caller who calls out these numbers. Play Bingo online, and you’ll be privy to the mechanized voice of modern technology.

In a land-based game, players are given a “dauber”, which is kind of like a large marker. Online Bingo, of course, requires only a click of the mouse. Players daub/click each number that is called in hopes of getting the correct Bingo pattern first, thereby winning the game.

Unlike its European cousin, 90-Ball Bingo, 75-Ball Bingo no longer uses the classic “one line”, across or diagonal, to achieve a win. There are, in fact, well over 300 Bingo patterns used in 75 Ball Bingo. These range from coffee cups, umbrellas and airplanes to every number and letter of the alphabet. The most popular pattern is known as “Coverall” or “Blackout”, in which the players must cover each and every square on the Bingo card to win.

Online Bingo is especially popular, having been around for more than a decade now, allowing Bingo fans to play just for fun or for real money. Perhaps the most intriguing factor is the player’s ability to chat with other players around the world while playing Bingo, rather than be restricted to conversations with adjacent players only. To make this easier – since chatting tends to take your concentration of the Bingo game at times – online Bingo sites offer an ‘Auto-Daub’ feature that can be toggled on/off to automatically mark all called numbers. Though not as intense as traditional Bingo, at least player has to comfort of knowing they’ll never incorrectly mark their cards or miss out on a win.

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