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75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is the traditional North American version of the game, dating back to 1929 when a carnival set up outside of Atlanta, Georgia. A toy manufacturer by the name of Edwin Lowe witnessed the game, then called “Beano” for its use of dried beans to cover the numbered squares, being played in one of the tents. Lowe went back to New York and marketed the game as “Lowe’s Bingo”, later shortened simply to “Bingo” by competitors.

75 Ball Bingo is played with a Bingo Card that consists of 25 squares in a 5×5 pattern. Each square contains a number, except for the center square which is traditionally marked with the word “FREE”, meaning it is automatically counted as a Free Space by all players. Each column is labeled with a letter, corresponding to the name of the games; B – I – N – G – O.

In each column are 5 random numbers (except N, with 4 numbers and a “FREE”), ranging from 1-15 in the “B” column, 16-30 in the “I” column, 31-45 in the “N” column, 46-60 in the “G” column, and of course 61-75 in the “O” column.

75 Ball Bingo

As the game begins, numbers are randomly selected one at a time, from 1 through 75, and called out. The actual process of calling the Bingo numbers varies by where you are playing. In a church/charity setting, the pastor/reverend/priest/etc. or another staff member will call the numbers. In a land-based Bingo Hall, there will usually be a Professional Bingo Caller who calls out these numbers. Play Bingo online, and you’ll be privy to the mechanized voice of modern technology.

In a land-based game, players are given a “dauber”, which is kind of like a large marker. Online Bingo, of course, requires only a click of the mouse. Players daub/click each number that is called in hopes of getting the correct Bingo pattern first, thereby winning the game. Read more »

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Free Bingo Money Is Just Hanging Around Waiting For You!

When you want to really get the most of free bingo, the best place to do so is online. Free bingo money is really just out there, waiting for you. Don’t believe us? This guide is for you.

Now, it’s okay to be skeptical. In fact, when we first started out in the world of online gambling, we were pretty skeptical about everything. However, we definitely learned to look at offers and really test them out. There’s nothing wrong with being able to check out what’s out there. You might not do everything, but hey — an offer is an offer, right?

Now, we don’t really need to convince you that bingo is an amazing game. All you need to do is try it out for yourself. Once you really get into bingo, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Free Bingo Money

Why is bingo getting so much attention? It’s really simple, when you think about it: bingo gives you the chance to win no matter how good or bad you are. There’s no strategy guide on playing bingo. It’s just something that you do. There’s something nice about that, but you also need to think logically about which direction that you want to turn to. You have all of the encouragement in the world to really get things done, and there’s no better time than today to dive right in.

Getting free bingo money means that you don’t have to stick your bankroll out there. Could you imagine an entire weekend of just hanging out and playing bingo? Keep in mind that you don’t have to play bingo in a bubble. You will have other people that are logging into the site as well. They would be more than happy to chat with you. A lot of bingo players come back week after week because it makes so much sense to just keep playing your heart out. It’s cheap to play, even when the free bingo money runs out. You don’t have to have a super large bankroll in order to get noticed. You can earn rewards even when you don’t.

All this means is that now is the perfect time to play bingo — start today, while it’s still on your mind!

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Chase the Blues Away With Online Bingo

Feeling down? Tired of having nothing to do? Every now and then, people are going to feel down. They might feel restless, like they just can’t figure out what they should be doing. Thankfully, it’s not the end of the world. Sure, if you leaver yourself in this condition too long your mental health will being to suffer, but who said that you have to deal with it forever? You can always find something new to do, especially if you already have Internet at home. The rise of the Internet has given way to plenty of things to do. After all, we have social media and even online games on social media. But if you’re tired of playing Candy Crush or FarmVille, there are other things that you can do.

You could actually chase the blues away with online bingo on https://www.amorbingo.com/. It’s a fun, colorful experience that gives you something else to think about. It’s not just a full color experience, but a full sound one. The music is upbeat, and designed to let you think about having fun rather than focusing on your problems. Make sure that you’re considering all of your options when it comes to entertainment. Bingo can be played for real money which means you do get a prize when you win.

Online Bingo

It can feel almost too good to be true, but don’t be fooled by naysayers. Think about it from this point of view: if it was really so fake, then how do these places attract thousands upon thousands of people every month, month after month? If it were truly a scam, people would be talking about it and authorities around the world would be cracking down on it. Instead, online bingo is growing at a very fast pace, making it a great way to pass the time and even make some new friends along the way.

Now, bingo might sound boring but there’s more to bingo than meets the eye. It’s not just a standard bingo game all the time. You might have to make a flower pattern, or a star pattern. It just depends on the room that you want to play in and what the winning pattern is. The pattern changes all the time, so it never hurts to keep logging in and checking it out.

Feeling down is never a good thing, but it can be avoided through keeping yourself busy. Make sure to check out online bingo when you get a chance!

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Stretch Your Sights High For Bingo Online With Budget Busting Bonus Bucks

It might seem to some people that fans of bingo online, are playing a stereotypically mindless game. Although this is a random number game, when getting your mind around it, it is possible to set your sights high. What do I mean by high? Well there is tons of ways to get budget busting bonus bucks when playing this online game. Taking advantage of bonuses leads to a very simple equation – more chances of winning for free.

When we go into a deli or supermarket and they give away free samples – who doesn’t take advantage of these free gifts? We all do – right! I have a favourite supermarket where I regularly get my breakfast on a Saturday morning, so many free samples are available – they get what they want from me, because I am so grateful for their generosity I make my grocery purchases. It’s a win-win situation.

There are hundreds of websites that giveaway bonus bucks, promotions, free games, loyalty points, real cash and tangible prizes, as well as more money for jam. Finding the right websites is as easy as using a reputable portal. What is a portal? Well essentially this is a window, so, a bingo portal is fundamentally a website which provides a window to the best deals. Therefore we don’t have to scout hundreds of web-sites, the hard work has already been done.

bingo prizes

Take www.internetbingosites.com for example.

In a list of their top fifty websites we find not necessarily in order of importance, ten:

  1. Vic’s Bingo
  2. Sun Bingo
  3. New Bingo Billy
  4. Break The Bank Bingo
  5. Bet365 Bingo
  6. Bingohouse
  7. Bingo Canada
  8. Light Camera Bingo
  9. Bingo Cabin
  10. CyberBingo

This is a relatively good mixture of UK and USA facing sites, but did you know that Sun Bingo once gave away a house as a prize? They have also given away a holiday home, 100 cars in 100 days, 30 cars in 30 days, and oodles of cash as well as tangible prizes. In this list is also included Bet365 which website we mentioned previously as having a record winner – a prize of £3.9 million was given away. Don’t take my word for it, simply check out bingo online for yourselves, I’ll bet that spans of these prizes have been won by playing with bonus bucks.

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The A-B-C’s of Free Bingo Online

The first thing you need to know about free bingo online is that it usually is just a trial where you will get a sum of ‘free money’ deposited to your account so that you can try the site. With your ‘no deposit bonus money’ you can start buying tickets and playing the game. Many sites offer 25£ free bonus money to get you started.

Now there are sites that will let you play for free the entire day, however, those sites are usually sponsored by ads and the prizes are usually built up (progressive jackpots) over time. These types of sites are modeled after sites in the United States and Canada, but they are not the most popular bingo sites in the UK.

Free Bingo Online

Most of the free bingo sites you will find in the UK will generally be free to try sites. This may not sound like a good deal in the beginning, but once you get the preliminaries out of the way and learn to negotiate through the games, you will see that free bingo isn’t really the way to go! Jackpots are bigger when you have purchased the tickets and winners come more frequently.

Some of us like to frequent bingo online to chat with friends and have a go at making some extra cash, but real bingo players are in it all the way! Sure, they do build friendships and enjoy the game, but there’s always that ‘what if’ about it as the jackpot grows. That’s something that free bingo online just doesn’t give – that burst of adrenaline as the pot keeps growing.